Ocon frustrated by unrepentant team-mate Perez

12 junio 2017 00:49

Esteban Ocon expressed his frustration with Force India team-mate Sergio Perez, whose refusal to follow team orders denied him a chance to push for a podium spot.

Ocon was on fresh tyres when he came up behind fourth-placed Perez and the Mexican's engineer repeatedly suggested he allow his team-mate past to attack Daniel Ricciardo.

But the 27-year-old refused and both drivers ended up losing a place to a resurgent Sebastian Vettel in the closing laps, with Ocon declaring "this is not fair racing" over team radio.

The Frenchman was disappointed he had been denied a chance to push for a podium and wants a review of the situation that arose as they came home fifth and sixth.

"It was a great race, just a shame I couldn't have a chance to pass Ricciardo," Ocon told Sky Sports.

"I had the pace by far. That's racing sometimes. We have to discuss what happened in the debriefing room. My time [for a podium] will come."

Perez was adamant he deserved to retain his place ahead of Ocon, but feels a resolution will be required to avoid a repeat.

"I pretty much spent the whole race behind Daniel, all I needed from Daniel was a single mistake," said the Mexican.

"When the team asked me to let him by we were going to lap some cars. The only point when I was behind him was when I was saving brakes. Esteban had 40 or 50 laps behind me and he was never close to making a move.

"We all finished where we deserved to finish. I just tried my best. I was very concerned, I was losing a lot of rubber, I could have been quite vulnerable [if he'd let Ocon through].

"We are all a team, I want the best results for them. We must come up with a solution for the future. If we find ourselves in our position again, we must know what to do."

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